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The Team
The company was set up in 1992 by Enrica and Paolo Addario,
a family tradition that couples dedication and experience.
Passion, knowledge of materials and production processes plus
ongoing research are the features of our work and products,
acknowledged as among the best in the field of leather goods. 
We have inherited the craftsmanship knowhow, attention to details
and aesthetic sensibility of our father Biagio, and to these values
we have added the tastes and requirements of the contemporary market,
choosing to manufacture quality leather accessories.
A fresh and youthful line of accessories which meets the needs of different tastes, with an eye to the latest trends.
Bags and wallets, available in various colours and soft hides, timeless, with classic and practical lines.
In soft leather, articles of simple and comfortable forms, at once practical and elegant.
Expression of the craft tradition, using hides such as leather for accessories with clean and functional lines.
While still very young Biagio Addario learned his trade in Florentine craft workshops, the heart of leather goods manufacture. He began with the traditional bags in raffia or bamboo and leather until the seventies when he also made and marketed leather clothing, very fashionable at the time. Moving north, near Venice, he marketed articles in leather and later became the exclusive agent for historic Italian brands such as Gucci. After a lifetime’s experience he founded Visconti Diffusione with his children, handing down the passion and skill acquired over the years, together with a profound knowledge of Italian craftsmanship.
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